Frequently Asked Questions

On this FAQ page, you will find answers to frequently asked questions about

1 - What is
Allows traders to trade on exchanges partnered with by paying lower commissions. The paid commission returns all reference income defined for to the kyrr wallets. Once the reference income payouts are defined, users can withdraw it directly to their bank accounts with tl, transfer it to their wallets with usd stable coin or keep it as kyrr and benefit from the advantages we will offer in the future. analysts will continue to guide users in the money markets with their educational trading ideas. In summary, our goal is to enable you to make informed, accurate, cheap trades with the right risks..
2 - How can I get my commission refund?
To get a commission refund, you must first create your account. Then you will see the Add UID button on the panel. We need to look at the exchanges you see there. Below the image of each exchange you will see the CREATE ACCOUNT button. If you add the UID of your exchange account that you will create from there, you will be able to receive a refund of your reference commissions that you will pay in ALL TRADES to your wallet within 24 - 36 hours. You will be able to withdraw this refund either as USDT to your wallet in the exchanges or as TL to your bank accounts.
3 - Which exchanges can I get my commissions refund?
After creating your account, you can enter the Add UID panel and see the exchanges we have partnered with. BUT TO GET YOUR COMMISSIONS BACK, you must be a member of the Exchanges with the KYRR.IO Reference link.
4 - How can I withdraw my money? How do I know when money has been deposited?
The reference commission you pay for your transactions within 24-36 hours will be defined to your wallet and you will receive an e-mail. You can enter the wallet and view your balance and withdraw it instantly from the Withdraw section, either as USDT to your Exchange wallet or as TL to your bank account.
5 - Can I get a refund from with the UID of my existing account?
No, you need to create a new account with the reference link on all exchanges. The reference income of the trades you make in the account you have created will be refunded to you.
6 - What is being a trader in and what is its contribution to users?
After the post-application interviews, traders will be asked to manage the balances to be defined to them if they reach the desired level, to publish educational content to users, and to share trading ideas.
7 - I created accounts and traded on exchanges with Why didn\'t I get a commission refund?
If you register and deposit to Okx, Bitget, Bybit exchanges, the commissions you pay within the campaigns of the exchanges are not deposited into accounts until this campaign limit, but are reflected in your coupon or fund accounts in the exchange. When these limits are exceeded, we deposit the commissions you pay to your wallets as much as they are transferred to our account. If you think there is a problem other than this, you can contact us.
8 - I received a different amount of refund compared to the commission I paid. What could be the reason?
On Okx, Bitget and Bybit exchanges, refunds of your transactions until 19:00 on the previous day of the day of payment are deposited. On the Binance exchange, this time is 21:00. Hours are written according to Turkey time.
How to close my Bitget account?
If your Bitget account is not KYC verified, you need to open a new account and get KYC approved. Unfortunately, if your KYC was verified when you completed the account closure process, you will not be able to reapply for identity verification with your KYC details.
Here are the steps you need to take:
First, create an account with the kyrr referral link and transfer your assets to this account.
Follow the instructions below and send an email to "" stating that you want to reset and transfer your KYC.
1- Your UID/email/phone number for the account you registered with Bitget
2- Front and back of your ID card/passport/driver\'s license (The documents you used for the approved process must be the same)
3- A written note containing the Bitget, Today\'s Date, and Document Approval Reset request along with a selfie holding your ID
Bitget Account Creation
4- A screenshot demonstrating that the UID in your account is visible, and you have access to this account
5- Finally, provide the UID address of the other account you will use after the document approval reset.

Send this information in an email to
If you have different questions or information requests about this topic or another, you can contact the same email address.
How to close my Okx account?
  1. Go to the site.
  2. The Close Account Application Page will open
  3. Scroll down and click on Close Account.
  4. Click Continue to close.
  5. Close Okx Account Step 3
  6. For the reason for closure, Other reasons can be selected.
  7. Close Okx Account Step 4
  8. Click Close Account
  9. Close Okx Account Step 5
Transferring KYC to a Newly Opened Account on Bybit Exchange
To transfer the KYC of your used KYC-approved Bybit account to the account you created with the referral link, you can follow the steps in this link. In this way, by transferring the KYC approval of your Bybit exchange account, you can receive refunds from your commissions. It is explained in the link below.